The artwork for 'Bindweed' by Martha Loader. 7 red chairs are arranged in a circle in a room in what appears to be an abandoned building. The room is covered in weeds, with it coming in through the floor and from the window that is behind the chairs. Across the bottom of the image is white text that reads 'Bindweed - written by Martha Loader.'


Showing from Fri 28 — Sat 29 Jun

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Buffy Revamped

Showing on Wed 11 Sep

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The Highwayman

Showing from Thu 12 — Sat 14 Sep

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The Parson's Pirates

Showing on Tue 10 Sep

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The artwork for 'What The Butler Saw.' Against a blue, red and white swirly background are a pair of women's legs, with red high heels on the feet. Next to the feet is a traditional police officer's hat and a doctor's stethoscope. In the top left is the show title - 'What The Butler Saw by Joe Orton,' in red and yellow lettering and behind this is a pair of handcuffs.

What The Butler Saw

Showing from Tue 4 — Sat 8 Jun

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The artwork for 'Windrush Secret.' An image of the same man three times, in a triangular formation. In the centre, he stares into the camera with a serious expression. Either side of his shoulders, a different version of him is stood, looking down at the floor.

Windrush Secret

Showing on Thu 30 May

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