After The Act

Showing from Tue 29 — Wed 30 Oct

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The artwork for 'Community Service.' A police officer wearing his uniform smiles as he plays an electric guitar. The shape of a Christian cross is behind hi, filled with colours from top to bottom of red, yellow and green. Black, red, yellow and green text across the image reads 'Community Service - bringing harmony to the streets.'

Community Service

Showing from Tue 30 Apr — Wed 1 May

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Deaf Awakening

Showing on Tue 3 Sep

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Showing from Thu 3 — Sat 26 Oct

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Laugh Out Proud

Showing on Sat 15 Jun

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A dark background with a striking image of a woman dressed in a multi-coloured dress and headwrap. She is singing into a microphone whilst clicking her fingers.

Mama Afrika

Showing on Thu 18 Apr

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Six Chick Flicks

Showing on Sat 27 Apr

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The artwork for 'The Big Afternoon' which features an image of a previous 'Big Afternoon' event. People are gathered outside the New Wolsey Theatre to watch a piece of live entertainment. Text across the image reads 'The Big Afternoon - 2:00 - 4:00pm - Sat 25 May.'

The Big Afternoon 2024

Showing on Sat 25 May

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What The Butler Saw

Showing from Tue 4 — Sat 8 Jun

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The logo for the Wolsey Writers. Inside a turquoise circle is a cartoon image of a black cat raising one paw into the air. Underneath, black lettering reads 'Wolsey Writers.'

Wolsey Writers 2024

Showing from Sat 4 May — Sat 7 Dec

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