The artwork for 'After the Act.' A drawing of two people who are both jumping in celebration. Covering their heads is a pink post-it note with black writing on it that reads 'After the Act - a Section 28 musical.'

After The Act

Showing from Tue 29 — Wed 30 Oct

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The artwork for 'Footloose.' It shows someone dancing in a pair of white trainers. They are standing on a long empty road, with the surrounding area being miles of open landscape. The sun is setting in the background, giving the image an orange and pink glow. In the centre is the neon pink and white show title.


Showing from Thu 3 — Sat 26 Oct

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Against a yellow background is a cartoon image of a man sat playing a piano, with another man having fallen into the piano. Black text across the image reads 'Murder for Two - a new musical comedy.'

Murder for Two

Showing from Tue 5 — Sat 9 Nov

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A woman wearing an orange outfit smiles as she holds a tray that has two china teacups and saucers on it. The background behind her is a wooden table with a green and white ceramic plate on it. At the top, in the centre, is burgundy text that reads 'Table Manners by Alan Ayckbourn.'

Table Manners

Showing from Tue 24 — Sat 28 Sep

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The artwork for 'The Parson's Pirates.' A person wearing a blonde wig leans down to a man who is trying to lean far away from the other person, avoiding their kiss. They are dressed in pirates clothing. The show title is at the top, in the centre.

The Parson's Pirates

Showing on Tue 10 Sep

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