Day One #PULSE18

1 Jun 2018 Pulse

PULSE has got off to a great start. I was flying solo for PULSE’s opening night as Maddie was off being a talented saxophonist and I’m afraid to say I think she missed out.

Knot had the tough job of opening the festival but it is safe to say they did a seamless job. I could have watched the acrobatic duo for at least double the time I did. I was especially amazed by Nikki’s upper body strength, I struggle to do a single push-up, and from the exclamations from the audience around me, I am pretty sure I was not the only one impressed. It really makes you appreciate what the human body can do, particularly when Nikki was supporting JD on top of her shoulders! It was great seeing the intimate relationship between Nikki and JD without the need of loads of dialogue as their physicality said so much. JD’s comical timing was a nice bonus however. Edge-of-the-seat theatre.

Next on the programme was Hoipolloi’s Me & Robin Hood. I had seen Hoipolloi’s previous show The Duke at last year’s PULSE so felt I was going in less blind than I had with Knot but I find that is half the fun with PULSE. Although Me & Robin Hood was story telling with a lot more talking than Knot some similarities did surprisingly pop out at me: they both featured the performers’ relationship with their fathers and also made you think about what on stage was really the truth. Between the bank robberies and the Anglesey under 11s league final I hope there was some truth to Shôn Dale-Jones’s story but on reflection it was rather outlandish. Shôn Dale-Jones excelled in making you laugh one minute and then managing to change the tone in the blink of an eye to really make you think about issues you’d prefer not to. The show was also raising money for a great cause to help children in poverty with Street Child United.

Overall an exciting and eclectic start to PULSE 2018. I can’t wait to see so much more.

If you enjoy the sound of Knot, you will love Moonfall. Fan of Me & Robin Hood? Don’t miss Education, Education, Education or The Audit!

Next stop: Suitcase Day!