Day 9 #Pulse18

9 Jun 2018 Pulse

Yesterday was the penultimate day of PULSE 2018 (we’re sad it’s nearly over too!) and the first show of the evening was The Audit (or Iceland, a modern myth) by Proto-type theatre company. We had seen Proto-type’s previous show at PULSE a couple of years ago, A Machine They’re Secretly Building, and both shows had a similar tense tone. The Audit focused on the 2008 financial crisis, looking at the events that built up to it, from 1999, to the subsequent consequences that brought us up to 2016. It was interesting and really makes you see that the people in charge are pretty corrupt. We especially enjoyed how they took this huge story but also incorporated personal stories alongside it, like the woman in Iceland who goes on the same walk every year on 1st January. Overall a thought-provoking and intense show from Proto-type.

Then we were back at the main house and it had been opened back up its 400-seat capacity for The Wardrobe’s Ensembles’ Education, Education, Education, and you could really see why they are called The Wardrobe’s Ensemble, as there were some pretty speedy costume changes as the actors switched between teachers and students. We loved their energy and their physical elements of jumping over and sliding under tables was very impressive. The show was set in a dysfunctional Secondary school, just after Tony Blair wins the 1997 election and although I started school in 2011, there were some striking similarities. The show made us all laugh out loud and everyone had a great time watching it.

The last show of the evening was Suicide Notes… the spoken word of Christopher Brett Bailey, where Brett Bailey was sat behind a desk reading a collection of rather strange short stories, which varies every show. It was great to have the relaxation and freedom he brought to his show creating an exciting energy in the room. We liked his dark, slightly absurd humour and we thought he had great presence on the stage. His storytelling was fantastic where he was able to create such a buzz just from sitting behind this table. Indeed, an entertaining show to end the night with.

We can’t believe that PULSE 2018 is coming to a close, but we are very excited to celebrate the last day with a bang!