Day 8 #PULSE18

8 Jun 2018 Pulse

Day 8 of PULSE was dance night where we watched one show called Andante by Igor and Moreno, The Palace and Tir Danza. Dance day is based at DanceEast in which it was exciting for myself and Ellie to be in a new venue and experience a different atmosphere in the auditorium. As we walked in we were greeted by a strong pleasant scent which was a new element to theatre we haven’t yet experienced. Andante was a show that allowed you to connect with your senses in which this feature added an interesting element to this.


This show was indeed abstract, and it was a new experience for us both, but it was definitely an interesting experience. The continuous movement throughout and the humming alongside it created a different atmosphere in the room. The four performers onstage explored different paces as well as walking up the steps towards us as the audience adding another interesting layer. The title itself reflected the gradual build up of the piece where andante in music terms is known as “at a walking pace” in which a steady rhythm and flow was created, particularly at the beginning.


What was especially interesting was the different interpretations that could be taken from this show. The extensive movement and no dialogue left the audience ourselves to take away what we want from this performance. The abstract piece was enhanced by the loud and surrounding music as well as the use of smoke where at some points we were not able to see on stage adding a sense of mysteriousness. This contemporary show ended in a way we have never seen before. A cloud of smoke filled the audience where we unable to view any of the stage. This was no traditional end to a performance and we saw no more of the performers which made the show feel like it was more about us rather than the performers on stage as they didn’t take any bows.


This was a very interesting show to experience where there were so many contemporary and abstract elements that brought a different aspect to a live theatre show. We love to see different pieces of theatre and Andante was certainly that.


Don’t miss Moonfall tomorrow morning for more beautiful theatre!