Tim Parker (he/him)

27 Jul 2022

Tim is an Actor, Musician and Creative with credits in the West End, UK and internationally. He trained at The Guildford School of Acting and Studio 68.

Memorable Moments include:

Jim Cartwright creating the character for Manolito for me in the Westend revival of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice at the Vauldaville Theatre, playing drums on Top Of The Pops, and working with Alice Krige on Waking The Dead for the BBC.

Theatre includes:

Kris Kringle in A Miracle On 34th Street (Liverpool Everyman); Bread The Musical (Uk Workshop); The Bodyguard (China Tour); Groundhog Day (UK Workshop); Once (West End); The Last Ship (New Theatre); Edward II (The Rose); The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (West End); The Lord of the Rings (West End); Billy Elliot (West End); Nine (West End); Jailhouse Rock (West End); Stomp (World Tour); Rain Dogs (West End); Buddy (West End, UK and European Tour); Return to the Forbidden Planet (UK and European Tour); Patsy Cline (UK Tour); Ferry Cross the Mersey (UK Tour); Heart and Soul (Chester Gateway).

Film and Television includes:

The Advisor – Wolfshead (Pilot), Dad – Blade of the Assassin (Feature), Greyhawk (Bold Turtle Films); Waking The Dead (BBC); Mankind – The Story of Us All (Nutopia); White Heat (BBC); Rehab (Recoil Films); The Tempest Project (Wunderpit); The Shroud of the Messiah (MTA International); Inside The Court of Henry VIII (The Ideas Room / PBS); Children In Need (ITV); Suede – Night Thoughts (Burning Reel); Goal 2 (Milkshake Films); Elvis Prestwick (37Films Ltd); Billy Vincent – St Catherine’s Oratory (Myster General); Voices from The Air (National Geographic Channel); Bloody Tales of The Tower (National Geographic Channel); Top of The Pops (BBC); Blue Peter (BBC); X-Change (CBBC); Open Mic (Myster General); The Facility (Vertigo Films).

Voiceovers include:

Uncle – Alfa Romeo (TV Advert); The Wise Pixie – Save The Tree! (Feature Animation); Walla Artist – The Lady of Heaven (Feature); Lord Cardinal Hastus Arvannis (Recurring) – The Soujorn; Tesco, Network Rail; LP Jeans;

Transport for London, De Rijke, William Lawsons; The Shard; The Healing House; The Heart of Borneo Project; The Elvis Years; Country Boy.

Music and AV includes:

Producer – Homework (Radio Play); Producer – Marram Grass (Band); Producer – HangFire (Band); AV Producer – Someone Like You (UK Tour); AV Producer – The Elvis Years (UK and European Tour); AV Producer – The Simon and Garfunkel Story (UK and US Tour); AV Producer – An Evening with Aggers and Boycott (UK Tour); Drummer – Wrecking Ball; Drummer – Buddy Holly and The Cricketers; Drummer – The Blues Devils; Percussionist and Mandolin – SunDog Slide