Marcus Adolphy

11 Sep 2019

Marcus graduated from the London Centre for Theatre Studies in 2002 and made his professional debut in Anyone Can Whistle at the Bridewell Theatre in 2003. After a sabbatical, he returned to acting in 2009 being cast as Macduff in Struts and Frets Macbeth at the Atrix Bromsgrove. His recent work in theatre includes: War Horse (National Theatre); The Convert (Gate Theatre);The Suicide (The National Theatre); Backseat Drivers (The London Theatre);  Keeler (The Charing Cross Theatre); Macbeth (The Last Refuge Theatre); The Chicago Cowboy  (Rosemary Branch Theatre); The Comedy of Errors (The National Theatre); Twelfth Night (The Nursery Theatre); Keeping Mum, 1867 and A Christmas Carol  at The Brockley Jack Theatre and The Children of Salt which debuted at the Alma Theatre Bristol.
Lloyd’s TV credits include: Scott and Bailey (ITV), Father Figure (BBC) and Doctors (BBC).