Cameron Robertson

14 Aug 2023

Cameron trained at Drama Studio, London.

Theatre credits include: u/s John in Oleanna (West-End & UK Tour); Odysseus in The Odyssey (US Tour); Dame Claude & Pedro, u/s Maitre Jacques in The Miser (The Garrick Theatre); u/s Charlie Morris in Les Blancs (National Theatre); Corporal of the Guard in For King And Country (Southwark Playhouse); Slim/Cover Lenny and Resident Director in Of Mice and Men (UK Tour); Michael in Turkey (Hope Theatre); Macbeth in Macbeth (Young Shakespeare Company); Seth Regan & James Fortune in Harper Regan (The Tabard Theatre); Richard Hannay in The 39 Steps (The Sarah Thorne Theatre); Andy Prichard in Letters From Everyone (The Drayton Arms Theatre); George in Same Time Next Year (The Sarah Thorne Theatre); Pecunious Lucre in A Trick to Catch the Old One (The Rose Playhouse); Toby & Lionel in Intimate Exchanges: A Pageant (Pentameters Theatre); Mr. Trace in A Valued Employee (Park Theatre); Orestes in Andromache (Pentameters Theatre); Landlord in Two (LOST Theatre); Julius Caesar in Julius Caesar (UK Tour) Oberon and Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (UK Tour); Lawrence “Davvo” Davenport in Stag (Courtyard Theatre).

Television & Film credits include: James McGregor in Seaview (Web Series); Gary McKinnon in Conspiracy (Channel 5); Paul in Saved (ITV); PC Jenkins in The Adventurer: Mariah Mundi and
the Midas Box (Cinema One SPV5); Shady Man Two in The Wee Man (Carnaby Films).