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Audio Described performances give you a live commentary about the action happening on the stage through a pair of small headphones. It’s a great way for anyone who finds it difficult to see the details of a performance to still enjoy coming to the theatre.

If you use television audio description, a magnifier or large print books at home then live audio description means you can enjoy a theatre outing with your friends and family.

To help you immerse yourselves in the show as much as possible we offer touch tours before each audio-described performance enabling you to explore the stage and get a feel of the set and costumes before the play starts.

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During a British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreted performance an interpreter stands on or at the side of the stage, clearly visible to the audience, and interprets the spoken word and sound effects for Deaf patrons who use BSL.

Ensure you tell the box office you are booking to use the interpreter and they will seat you appropriately.

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Captioning converts the spoken word into text that provides people with hearing loss access to live performance. In captioning, the words appear on a screen at the same time as they are sung or spoken.

Captioning is a great way for anyone who finds it difficult to hear the actors speaking to still enjoy coming to the theatre. You may hear most things but if you need to see people’s faces to follow a conversation or struggle with certain voices, accents or styles of speaking. You will see the words spoken by the performers displayed as text on a screen on or next to the stage. You will also see the name of the character who is speaking and a description of any sound effects. It’s a bit like television subtitles.

People who are studying classic texts or want to improve their English may also find captioning useful.

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A Relaxed Performance is one which has been carefully adjusted to reduce anxiety or stress for those who might otherwise find the experience unsettling or difficult.

For example, someone with autism, sensory and communication needs and/or a learning disability might be reluctant for a variety of reasons to attend public theatre performances. Relaxed performances are a fantastic way to offer families the chance to experience theatre together. In a Relaxed Performance, the audience benefit from a relaxed environment as the performance is adjusted to reduce anxiety or stress, for example changes are made to sound and lighting to eliminate surprise and soften their impact. There is a relaxed attitude to noise and moving around the auditorium during the performance.

Audience members always have the option to watch the show on plasma screen in the bar if being in the auditorium becomes overwhelming. We introduced relaxed performances as an extra option for audiences and to remove barriers to access and enjoyment. It’s about making the theatre welcoming and inclusive for all.

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All staff members are Dementia Friends and we are working towards being a Dementia Friendly Venue. Dementia Friendly performances include a reminiscence and familiarisation talk/tour with supporting visual aids. Relaxed Performances may also be suitable for people living with Dementia.

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Assisting Companion Tickets

Are free of charge! Follow these simple steps to set up your account so that our system recognises your requirements and allows for you to have a free assisting companion ticket.

Step 1 – Get logged in to our website –

Step 2 – Go to the tab called ‘Other Preferences’, under the heading Venue Accessibility check the box ‘Require An Assisting Companion’ as well as any other of the options that apply to you and your needs.

Step 3 – Now that you have this preference saved, you can book for your next show and your assisting companion ticket will be free of charge. As long as you have a disabled companion ticket AND one of the access concessions applied (British Sign Language User, Audio Description User, Captioning User or Disabled ticket types)

Accessible Brochures

Large Print Brochure

Our large print brochures are available on request. Get in touch with a member of the Ticket Sales team if you would like to hear more about a particular production coming up.