We’re Creating a Scene!


In the next twelve months we’ll be transforming your experience of coming to the New Wolsey theatre. 

You may have noticed there’s something going on above the spiral car park…The building works are the creation of ‘NW2’; a new space for our participation, artist development and community work.  In the autumn of 2020, we will be programming our award winning community and artist development work from NW2.  The new, fully accessible building will include space for informal performances, workshops and gatherings as well as a Changing Places facility.  In March 2020 the New Wolsey Theatre will hand our much loved studio back to the Borough Council.  We’re sad to say goodbye to such a fantastic space, and the home to our wonderful work for, with and by children and young people.

But the changes are not stopping outside the front door.  We are also refurbishing inside the theatre – from the seats inside the auditorium, to the seats in the Ladies’ loos.   In addition to a sparkling new bar area downstairs, we will be increasing the number of toilets for everyone and creating better access to and from the auditorium.

Many Hands Make Light Work: We Need Your Help. 

For the next twelve months we’re undertaking a refurbishment programme that will transform your experience of visiting the New Wolsey theatre.  More toilets, more space, a better bar area and new seat covers in the auditorium are just a few of the improvements you’ll see by the end of the year.   But all of this comes at a price and we can’t do it without you.  We’ve never charged a booking fee, unlike many other theatres and we want to keep it that way.  But for twelve months only, £1.00 of your ticket price (except Under 26 and Schools tickets) will go towards making the improvements audiences tell us we really need to make.  Every pound makes a huge difference and we promise you’ll see the difference when you come to visit.  We also promise that we will stop adding the £1.00 on 25th February 2021.  So thank you, in advance, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting your theatre and making a difference.  It’s the power of many small acts making a huge difference.