Douglas Rintoul

Chief Executive/Artistic Director

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David Watson

Executive Director

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Sally Jones

Theatre Manager

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Lucy Parker

HR & Administration Manager

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Mike Ryles

Technical Manager

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Tony Casement

Head of Creative Communities

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Rebekah Laws

Creative Communities Administrator

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Rebecca Hall

Creative Communities Producer (Young People)

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Chloe Davis

Creative Communities Producer

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Rachel Fitzgerald


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Charlotte Bayford

Duty Manager

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Klyde Robinson

Finance Manager

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Denise Calver

Finance Officer

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Emily Bradbrook

Finance Officer

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Neil Daines

Facilities Manager

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Ricci Mussi

Café & Bar Manager

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Zanna Hornby

Head of Marketing

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Daniel Emmens

Sales Manager

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Delroy Daniels

Box Office Supervisor

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Jack Parker

Marketing Officer

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Zack Lwin

Marketing Officer

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Lucy Mellamphy

Relationship Officer

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Ellis Northrop

Relationship Officer

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Emma Blades

Relationship Officer

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